Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dragons of Atlantis Cheats free

Hello this Web Site is dedicated to helping Dragons of Atlantis players Beat the misinformation machine that we know as Kabam this will allow users to simply install the plugin made for this game you will see a new window on the right hand side of your screen although it does seem very complex at first ..I assure you ,, your right!!! when I was a new user playing in my first realm I have killed hundreds of thousands troops simply by checking the wrong box and it was nobody's fault but my own I learned to double check all values I set and make sure i have selected want and not something different this will make attacking camps for food and elites items very very fast on a average night i make 250 million food it supply's me and most of all it supply's my small alliance you can download this from the link below if you have questions i will have answers for you may take me 12 hours to respond due to time zones differences

Script one has many more features than script including Blue (Enegry Transfer) and Map Scan

If you want this script its yours i spent 100 hours creating this so go to this link submit and confirm your email
takes 20 seconds you will then get redirected on this page to your files to download i need to make money from this and i can do it threw advertising to make it free for you you will totally enjoy this
i totally love showing up in a new realm and taking out people who have been there for years and have spent big money click this link and complete the offer and thanks for your support

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